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Patient Record System


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The Patient Record System  is vital for anyone who has  medical conditions. It can keep you organized and save your life in an emergency at home, on the go, and in your car.  You can have all your medical information ready to show a new doctor or health care provider. It consists of a set of 5 Patient Records:

  • Small enough to fit in purse or pocket
  • Comes in clear protective cover
  • Comes with waterproof stickers to tell where your medical information is.  Place one on front door, car bumper or window, wheelchair, walker, locker, backpack, etc.
  • Best to hang it up on refrigerator, freezer, etc. with a magnet on a clamp.
  • Keep one on you at all times, give one to emergency contacts, keep one in or on the freezer or refrigerator, desk, car, etc.
  • Can paste you photo inside front cover
  • Has a place for Identification, Emergency Contact, Conditions, Allergies, Doctors, Hospital, Pharmacy, Medications and Instructions
  • You can place your label or stamp  or have your company/organization  name or logo printed on the cover with minimum order of 300.
  • Vital for seniors, disabled, discharge planners, geriatric consultants, pharmacists, nurses, doctors, social workers, senior centers, community outreach, etc.




As a retired physician with a career long practice of care of the elderly I fully endorse this record system as an additional means of safeguarding the elderly. Medication errors have been a source of injuries and hospitalizations in this population. A hands on simple record of medications accessible to patients and caregivers (family, friends or aids)can help to address this issue and provide additional security to our aging population. 

Dr. Evelyn Dooley Seidman

As a professional Geriatric Care Manager for over 25 years I know how important it is to maintain a record of pharmacy medicine for your aging loved ones. 

I highly recommend calling Audrey of Senior Arts and purchase  copies of her patient records booklet. The information that you can enter can be very important and lifechanging in the case of an emergency Hospital or E R visit. 

Seymour Semaya

Geriatric Advisory Council

As s business owner of Ageless Moments Adult Social Day Care, I am happy to endorse The Patient Record System. This is so important not only for the families but also the clients themselves.  As a social worker for many years, I have witnessed the importance of having families having immediate access to their family members medical history such as drugs, allergies, blood type emergency contacts, physicians, pharmacy etc. In any emergency having this information readily available can be a matter of life and death. More facilities should be introducing this passbook to their clients.

Delia Pollard, MSW

Owner, Ageless Moments Adult Social Daycare