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Medication Record

What you need to know:

The tremendous amount of Covid 19 deaths occurring in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities has made it abundantly clear how vital it is to do whatever we canto assist seniors to remain in the community. Therefore, we have developed the Seniors Staying Safe, Well, and Thriving Program  to educate staff and seniors about the issues that are critical to remaining safely in the community:

Preventing Drug Misuse

Safety/Accident Prevention/Infection Control

Stress Management

Let us bring  the this program to your senior center, adult community, or assisted living facility. We offer seminars, training, and materials.  Contact us at (609) 443-6336 or by email at  We look forward to serving you soon. 

We are offering The Patient Record System

the Patient Record System This booklet is vital to keep you organized, and could save your life in an emergency. 

You can keep a record of the drugs that you take, instructions, allergies, conditions, blood type, doctors, pharmacy, and emergency contact information.  Everyone should have three copies, one on their person, one with an emergency contact, and one in the freezer in a ziplock bag in case of an emergency. 

A card is also provided for the outside of the freezer stating that the Patient Record is inside.

With the Medication Record available, health care providers will know immediately what conditions you have and what medications you take.  Please contact us by for your order form.